Benefits of Online Education

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Note: This site has been archived and is no longer being updated, as of September, 2014.

Welcome to the Benefits of Online Education!  We are your link to everything you need to know about online education, including the benefits, disadvantages, and next steps to take.  If you’re new to the site, just begin by reading the article below, featuring some of the top benefits, to get a sense of what getting an education online is all about.

Location, location, location!

One of the most widely known aspects of online education is that you can take classes anywhere that you have access to the internet.  This means you can sign up for online classes at a school in Utah while living in Virginia.  This option makes location no longer an issue, when it comes to online schools. [1]


There is a great amount of diversity of professors and students in online institutions because of the accessibility of the school.  You are not confined to a specific region because anyone, anywhere can apply.  You take classes with students from around the world, learning from instructors who can, as well, be located anywhere on the globe. [2]

Flexible scheduling

Another main reason people look into the possibility of online education is that your schedule can be infinitely flexible.   Rather than Education Graduationscheduling your classes for specific times each day, you “attend” the class when it’s convenient for you (provided you get all the work done on time). Read more…  [1]

Learn when you can

Because of the nature of online education it makes it much easier to be flexible in all aspects, one of them being courses available year-round.  You can take classes in the spring, summer, fall, or even winter. [3] This opens up possibilities such as supplementing traditional education by learning online during summer break if you live far away from your school. [5]

It’s cheaper

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Bottom line: college is expensive.  Especially if you attend a traditional college or university.  The good part about school on the internet is it can potentially be much cheaper.  First off, tuition for online universities is often cheaper than traditional universities’ tuition. To make things sweeter, if you take all your classes online, there is virtually no gas, no additional parking or auto expenses, and cheaper meals (if handled correctly). Read more…  [1]

The world at your fingertips

In traditional schools, everything tends to shut down at the end of the workday, just about the time students start to study.  In online schools, you have a much greater access to all your resources.  Professors can be reached much easier after hours.  You also can schedule appointments online, quickly and easily.  Email, chat, and group discussions are all efficient ways to communicate with other classmates, as well as the instructors.  Tutoring is easy to set up.  Tech support is available much more often because of the nature of online education. [1]  Last, but definitely not least, you have access to infinite repetitions of the primary source (not your chicken-scratch notes). Read more…  [3]

Never stop learning

Never stop learning, but do it at your own pace. You should always strive to learn, no matter your age or situation.  Through online education, you can learn new skills for your current job (at a very flexible rate) [4], fill the gaps in a career (maternity leave, switching careers, etc.) so as to not lose touch with the work place, or simply to keep up to date with various subjects. [5]


A major benefit of online education is the access to greater variety of courses.  Because of the ease by which you can attend any online college you’ve been accepted to, you are not limited to one school.  You can take one class here, and one here, and three here. [5]


Those who have taken classes online can attest to the fact that it requires a great deal of self-discipline.  However, if you can handle a challenge in this area, your self-discipline will improve immensely.  Because you can work at your own pace (to a certain extent), you have to force yourself to actually work on your assignments.  This sounds like a normal class, but often times in internet classes, you will have fewer deadlines with more due at each deadline.  In essence, get your stuff done or fail, but because you are in charge of when you do everything you gain some very important skills in scheduling, time-management, and as mentioned, self-discipline. [6]

Now that you’ve had a look at just a few of the many benefits e-learning has to offer, the next step is to check out some other information on the topic, to make sure you get the full perspective.

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