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Why Choose Online Education: The World At Your Fingertips

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If you are wondering why you should choose online education, the following article will give you an excellent example of one of the benefits.

In traditional schools, everything tends to shut down at the end of the workday, just about the time students start to study.  In online schools, you have a much greater access to all your resources.  Professors can be reached much easier after hours.  You also can schedule appointments online, quickly and easily.  Email, chat, and group discussions are all efficient ways to communicate with other classmates, as well as the instructors.  Tutoring is easy to set up.  Tech support is available much more often because of the nature of online education. [1]  Last, but definitely not least, you have access to infinite repetitions of the primary source (not your chicken-scratch notes). [2]

Image credit: thiagofest
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Colleges everywhere are becoming more and more integrated with the world wide web.  However, there are still those professors who refuse to use anything related to a computer, so all your assignments, papers, syllabi, etc. are transferred via hard-copy alone.  What happens if you can’t seem to locate your copy of the instructions for a major paper, the night before it is due?  In online education, this is never a problem.  Everything is online, so provided you have internet, you have your instructions (but if you’d stop procrastinating until the night before, maybe this wouldn’t be a problem in the first place).

In addition, because online classes are available from virtually anywhere, you can choose to only take classes that are relevant to your degree or field of interest.  Furthermore, you can pick and choose each class.  Of course, you would have to apply to multiple schools and worry about all the admissions trouble, but once you’re in, it is very easy to take online courses from multiple schools.  [3]

If you are interested in learning more about the whole process of taking online courses, check out the resource, How Do Online Classes Work?, for an in-depth look at the ins and outs of these online classes.

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